Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Winners!

Team Winners!
It was so nice to see so many parents at our classroom awards ceremony last week! Thank you again for coming. The students have worked hard all semester and have a lot to be proud about. The above two students were our team winners in the Noetic Math Competition (Fall 2012) and tied for 2nd place nationally. 
We also had quite a few students who placed in the top 10% nationally, earning a spot on the Noetic Math National Honor Roll. Each student who placed earned a medal. Congratulations Mathletes!
3rd and 2nd Place Winners
Much earlier this school year, we studied about disasters and emergency preparedness. I incorporated the concept into a Social Studies unit, the kids did a webquest and creating a poster displaying what they had learned was the final part of the quest. I mailed the posters to the Arizona Department of Health Services, as they were having an emergency preparedness contest
We did remarkably well in the contest and had many winners!

Congratulations to all the students for their amazing accomplishments this semester!

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