Thursday, September 13, 2012

Journey to Discovery

We participated in a very exciting in-school field trip this week, taking a journey through Sonoran Sky all the way to the Sonoran Sky Pond!
Students worked with a small team and had a variety of tasks they needed to complete during our journey. The first step was to create a map from our classroom to the pond using non-standard units of measure. Maps requirements included a key, a legend and a compass rose. 
Each Student Had A Compass To Help Guide Their Way
Next, students continued their journey outside and explored the flora and fauna of the school grounds. 
Documenting The Journey With in iPod
Each student wrote their observations in a journal and each team had an official "illustrator" who took photographs using an iPod touch and also illustrated their team's findings.
While visiting the pond, students continued observing and recorded their discoveries in journals. There was a lot of excitement and intrigue as students discovered dragonflies, lily pads, ants, birds, flowers, minnows and koi. 
After returning to the classroom students worked individually to edit their journal entries, add details and put the final touches on their maps. 
The next day, the teams worked together to create a presentation of their findings. Teams were graded on: cooperation/teamwork, presentation participation, neatness, content knowledge and individual contributions. 

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